The Highlighter class

Open up your text editor project from the last chapter and create a new file in its root folder called We can now write our Highlighter class in here:

import tkinter as tkclass Highlighter:    def __init__(self, text_widget):        self.text_widget = text_widget        self.numbers_color = "blue"        self.keywords_color = "orange"        self.keywords = ["True", "False", "def", "for", "while", "import",                          "if", "elif", "else"]         self.disallowed_previous_chars = ["_", "-", "."]        self.tag_configure("keyword", foreground=self.keywords_color)        self.tag_configure("number", foreground=self.numbers_color)        self.text_widget.bind('<KeyRelease>', self.on_key_release)

Our Highlighter class will need to keep a reference to the Text widget which ...

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