Exploring Tumblr by Category

Another fun way to explore Tumblr is to search by category on Tumblr’s Explore page at www.tumblr.com/explore . The page is divided into two parts, a category grid at the top and a more detailed listing at the bottom, as shown in Figure 8-3. Depending on your personal preferences, you may enjoy exploring Tumblr through one method more than the other.


Figure 8-3: Have fun exploring popular tags on Tumblr’s Explore page.

Exploring the Wire

At the top of the Explore page, you’ll see a grid of 18 boxes, which Tumblr calls the Wire. Each box represents a popular search category that you might be interested in exploring, such as Architecture or Food. Inside each square, you’ll see a static or animated picture or quote pulled from a Tumblr post related to that category. In addition, each box includes a tag in the bottom-left corner that identifies the category the post belongs in (refer to Figure 8-3).

If you happen to look at the page for more than a minute or two, you’ll notice that each row shifts slightly to the right, revealing a new square. This feature helps keep the content in the Wire fresh, exposing you to new ideas and information.

To view the posts associated with any category in the Wire, click the square that interests you. From there, you’ll be transferred to your Dashboard where you can explore a listing of related posts.

If you find any ...

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