Making and Accepting Submissions

Sites that showcase information gathered from other visitors can get their post content in two ways. They can reblog posts directly from other sites, and they can ask visitors to submit photos, text, chats, quotes, audio, and video files using Tumblr’s built-in Submission form.

Enabling the Submit feature

To enable the Submit feature on your blog, follow these steps:

1. Click the name of your Tumblr blog on the Dashboard menu.

2. Click the Blog Settings button on the Dashboard sidebar to view the Settings page.

3. Put a check mark in the Submit field where it says Let People Submit Posts.

Enabling this feature adds a Submit link to your blog’s navigation menu that is linked to your site’s Submit page: yoursite /tumblr/submit.

4. If desired, edit the Submit page title in the text field provided.

The default title is Submit.

5. In the Submission Guidelines field, enter any instructions to visitors about making submissions.

For instance, you may want to specify a maximum width and height for photo submissions or suggest that visitors include a click-through link for the source of any content they submit.

6. In the Allowed Post Types area, select which types of posts your visitors may submit.

The options are Text, Photo, Quote, Link, and Video. You may select as many of these options as you like.

7. To include a set of optional tags that visitors can include with their submissions, enter the tags in the Optional Tags for Submitter field. ...

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