AddQueueMember() — Dynamically adds queue members to the specified call queue



Dynamically adds the specified interface to an existing queue named queuename, as specified in queues.conf. If specified, penalty sets the penalty for queues to use this member. Members with a lower penalty are called before members with a higher penalty.

The AddQueueMember() application sets a channel variable named AQMSTATUS upon completion. The AQMSTATUS variable will be set to one of the following values:


Calling AddQueueMember() without an interface argument will use the interface that the caller is currently using.

If the option argument is set to j, Asterisk cannot add the interface to the specified queue, and there exists an n+101 priority (where n is the number of the current priority), the call will jump to that priority.

The membername argument may be set to the name of the queue member. Consequently, this name will show up in the entries of the queue_log as well as Asterisk Manager Interface events, making it easier to identify the agent for reporting purposes:

; add SIP/3000 to the techsupport queue, with a penalty of 1
exten => 123,1,AddQueueMember(techsupport,SIP/3000,1)

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