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Broadcast Engineer's Reference Book

Book Description

The current and definitive reference broadcast engineers need!

Compiled by leading international experts, this authoritative reference work covers every aspect of broadcast technology from camera to transmitter - encompassing subjects from analogue techniques to the latest digital compression and interactive technologies in a single source.

Written with a minimum of maths, the book provides detailed coverage and quick access to key technologies, standards and practices. This global work will become your number one resource whether you are from an audio, video, communications or computing background. Composed for the industry professional, practicing engineer, technician or sales person looking for a guide that covers the broad landscape of television technology in one handy source, the Broadcast Engineer's Reference Book offers comprehensive and accurate technical information.

Get this wealth of information at your fingertips!

· Utilize extensive illustrations-more than 1200 tables, charts and photographs.
· Find easy access to essential technical and standards data.
· Discover information on every aspect of television technology.
· Learn the concepts and terms every broadcaster needs to know.

Learn from the experts on the following technologies:

Quantities and Units; Error Correction; Network Technologies; Telco Technologies; Displays; Colourimetry; Audio Systems; Television Standards; Colour encoding; Time code; VBI data carriage; Broadcast Interconnect formats; File storage formats; HDTV; MPEG 2; DVB; Data Broadcast; ATSC Interactive TV; encryption systems; Optical systems; Studio Cameras and camcorders; VTRs and Tape Storage; Standards Convertors; TV Studios and Studio Equipment; Studio Lighting and Control; post production systems; Telecines; HDTV production systems; Media Asset Management systems; Electronic News Production Systems; OB vehicles and Mobile Control Rooms;ENG and EFP; Power and Battery Systems; R.F. propagation; Service Area Planning; Masts Towers and Antennas; Test and measurement; Systems management; and many more!

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Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Broadcast Engineer's Reference Book
  3. Full Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Contents
  7. List of Contributors
  8. Preface
  9. Section 1 Supporting Technologies and Reference Material
    1. Chapter 1.1 Quantities and Units
    2. Chapter 1.2 Engineering Mathematics, Formulas and Calculations
    3. Chapter 1.3 Analogue and Digital Circuit Theory
    4. Chapter 1.4 Information Theory and Error Correction
    5. Chapter 1.5 Coaxial Cable and Optical Fibres
    6. Chapter 1.6 TCP/IP Networking
    7. Chapter 1.7 SAN and NAS Technologies
    8. Chapter 1.8 Telco Technologies
    9. Chapter 1.9 Colour Displays and Colorimetry
  10. Section 2 Broadcast Technologies and Standards
    1. Chapter 2.1 Linear Digital Audio
    2. Chapter 2.2 Non-linear Audio Systems
    3. Chapter 2.3 Television Standards and Broadcasting Spectrum
    4. Chapter 2.4 Colour Encoding and Decoding Systems
    5. Chapter 2.5 Timecode
    6. Chapter 2.6 Sound in Syncs
    7. Chapter 2.7 VBI Data Carriage
    8. Chapter 2.8 Digital Interfaces for Broadcast Signals
    9. Chapter 2.9 File Formats for Storage
    10. Chapter 2.10 HDTV Standards
    11. Chapter 2.11 MPEG-2
    12. Chapter 2.12 DVB Standards
    13. Chapter 2.13 Data Broadcast
    14. Chapter 2.14 ATSC Video, Audio and PSIP Transmission
    15. Chapter 2.15 Interactive TV
    16. Chapter 2.16 Conditional Access, Simulcrypt and Encryption Systems
  11. Section 3 Broadcast Components
    1. Chapter 3.1 Sound Origination Equipment
    2. Chapter 3.2 Lens Systems and Optics
    3. Chapter 3.3 Optical Sensors
    4. Chapter 3.4 Studio Cameras and Camcorders
    5. Chapter 3.5 VTR Technology
    6. Chapter 3.6 Television Standards Conversion
  12. Section 4 Studio and Production Systems
    1. Chapter 4.1 Television Studio Centres
    2. Chapter 4.2 Studio Cameras and Mountings – Mounts
    3. Chapter 4.3 Studio Lighting
    4. Chapter 4.4 Talkback and Communications Systems
    5. Chapter 4.5 Mixers and Switchers
    6. Chapter 4.6 Visual Effects Systems
    7. Chapter 4.7 Editing Systems
    8. Chapter 4.8 Telecines
    9. Chapter 4.9 Sound Recording
    10. Chapter 4.10 Sound Mixing and Control
    11. Chapter 4.11 Surround Sound
    12. Chapter 4.12 Working with HDTV Systems
    13. Chapter 4.13 Routers and Matrices
    14. Chapter 4.14 Transmission Systems
    15. Chapter 4.15 Media Asset Management Systems
    16. Chapter 4.16 Electronic Newsroom Systems
  13. Section 5 Outside Broadcast Systems and Hardware
    1. Chapter 5.1 Outside Broadcast Vehicles and Mobile Control Rooms
    2. Chapter 5.2 Microwave Links for OB and ENG
    3. Chapter 5.3 Electronic News Gathering and Electronic Field Production
    4. Chapter 5.4 Power Generators and Electrical Systems for Outside Broadcast
    5. Chapter 5.5 Battery Systems
  14. Section 6 Transmitter Systems and Hardware
    1. Chapter 6.1 Radio Frequency Propagation
    2. Chapter 6.2 Thermionics, Power Grid and Linear Beam Tubes
    3. Chapter 6.3 Transposers
    4. Chapter 6.4 Terrestrial Service Area Planning
    5. Chapter 6.5 Satellite Distribution
    6. Chapter 6.6 Microwave Radio Relay Systems
    7. Chapter 6.7 Up-link Terminals
    8. Chapter 6.8 Intercity Links and Switching Centres
    9. Chapter 6.9 Transmitter Power System Equipment
    10. Chapter 6.10 Masts, Towers and Antennas
  15. Section 7 Test and Measurement
    1. Chapter 7.1 Television Performance Measurements
    2. Chapter 7.2 Digital Video Systems Test and Measurement
    3. Chapter 7.3 Audio Systems Test and Measurement
    4. Chapter 7.4A Broadcast Engineering RF Measurements
    5. Chapter 7.4B Digital RF Measurements
    6. Chapter 7.5 Broadcast Test Equipment
    7. Chapter 7.6 Systems Monitoring and Management
  16. Glossary
  17. Index