Chapter 1

Creating Compelling Content


check Creating content with a purpose

check Choosing the type of content

check Making up stories

check Using facts, figures, and quotes

Content gives substance to your presentation. When it comes to innovative presentations, content creates a vivid picture for your audience. Throughout this minibook (and in this chapter’s title), we use the term compelling numerous times. It’s a strong, descriptive word meaning to arouse interest in a powerful, irresistible way or urgently requiring attention. Truly compelling information holds your audience in awe of your presentation.

The best type of compelling content affects people intellectually and emotionally from various perspectives. Metaphorically, if a standard presentation gives black-and-white, two-dimensional information, a compelling presentation comes across in rich color 3-D. Great presenters don’t just inform, they enlighten; they don’t just motivate, they move audiences to action.

The guidelines and information in this chapter help you create irresistible content. We show you how to select and use ...

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