Putting It All Together

So the challenge to the CPM is to mold the CPT into a lean, mean fighting machine. By its nature the project is risky and filled with uncertainty. Only the very best effort that can be put forth will be sufficient. As a member of the SMT you bear much of the responsibility of providing infrastructure and support services that make that effort possible.


1. The remainder of this chapter is an adaptation of materials from Chapter 1 of my earlier book The Business Analyst/Project Manager: A New Partnership for Managing Complexity and Uncertainty (Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2011). That book discussed collaboration from the perspective of the PM and the BA. In this book that collaboration is expanded to embrace the collaboration of all four disciplines that describe the CPT position family. It is also repurposed to discuss collaboration for your benefit as a member of the SMT.

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