List of Figures
Figure 1.1 A Symbolic Key of Intended Audiences. (Pentagram
image from Clickr.com) 3
Figure 1.2 Triangulating Game Magic. (Image by Giles Timms.) 4
Figure 2.1 e Runes of Eternal Darkness. (Image by Matt
Holland. Used with permission.) 14
Figure 2.2 Runes in Dungeon Master. (Image by Faster
anLight Games.) 15
Figure 2.3 Runes in Ultima Underworld. (Image by Origin
Systems and Electronic Arts.) 15
Figure 2.4 Gestural Spellcasting in Arx Fatalis. 16
Figure 2.5 Pentagrams for Invoking and Banishing. (Image by
the Golden Dawn. In public domain because of age.) 16
Figure 2.6 Gestural Casting in Black & White. 17
Figure 2.7 e Tree of Life in Haunting Ground. 19
Figure 3.1 Dungeon Masters Runic Grammar. (Image by Faster
an Light Games.) 54
Figure 3.2 Dungeon Master’s Spatial Diagram. (Image by Faster
an Light Games.) 55
Figure 3.3 e Pentagram of Sorcery in Ultima VIII. (Image by
Origin Systems and Electronic Arts.) 63
Figure 3.4 Sorcery Spells in Ultima VIII. (Image by Willem Jan
Palenstign. Used with permission.) 64
Figure 3.5 A Dra of Opening in Loom. (Image by LucasArts.) 65
xiv List of Figures
Figure 3.6 A Textile Weaver’s Dra. (Image by WeavingToday.com) 66
Figure 3.7 Song from e Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
(Image by Nintendo and Bogan Man at DeviantArt.com) 67
Figure 3.8 e Spellcasting Sta in Stonekeep. (Image by
Interplay.) 67
Figure 3.9 Arx Fatalis Runes. (Image by Arkane Studios and
Zenimax Media. Used with permission.) 68
Figure 3.10 Hearts and Nerva in e Void. (Image by Ice-Pick Lodge.) 71
Figure 3.11 Legend of Grimrock Runes. (Image by Almost Human
Games. Used with permission.) 73
Figure 3.12 Lesser Invoking and Banishing Pentagrams. 78
Figure 3.13 Hand Gestures from e Summoning. (Image by
Event Horizon.) 79
Figure 3.14 P-5 Virtual Reality Glove. (Courtesy ofCyberWorld,
Inc.www.cwonline.com) 80
Figure 3.15 Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Sigil # 1. 81
Figure 3.16 Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Sigil # 2. 81
Figure 3.17 Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Sigil # 3. 81
Figure 3.18 Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Sigil # 4. 81
Figure 3.19 Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Sigil # 5. 82
Figure 3.20 Flash Gesture Recognition Method. (Image by Didier
Brun. Used with permission.) 85
Figure 3.21 Ultima Online Spellbook. (Image by Origin Systems
and Electronic Arts.) 88
Figure 3.22 Everquest Spellbook. (Image by Sony.) 89
Figure 3.23 Everquest Cosmology. (Image by Sony.) 89
Figure 4.1 Seven Schools of Magic. (Original image by Giles Timms.) 103
Figure 4.2 An Abstract Representation of Five Inuential
Schools of Magic. (Original image by Giles Timms.) 103
Figure 4.3 e Schools of Magic in is Chapter. (Original
image by Giles Timms.) 104
List of Figures xv
Figure 4.4 e Great Wheel of the Planes. (Original image by
Giles Timms.) 105
Figure 4.5 Blood Magic. (Original image by Giles Timms.) 107
Figure 4.6 Death Magic Ritual. (Original image by Giles Timms.) 108
Figure 4.7 e Twelve Olympians. 110
Figure 4.8 Man as Microcosm. (Image from Dover Pictura
Esoteric and Occult Art [Royalty-Free CD-ROM/
BookImage Archive]. Used with permission.) 111
Figure 4.9 Dungeons & Dragons Schools of Magic Diagram. 112
Figure 4.10 e Juggler Tarot Card. 114
Figure 4.11 e Eternal Darkness Rune Chart. 122
Figure 4.12 Eternal Darkness Journal. 122
Figure 4.13 Eternal Darkness Spell Circle. 124
Figure 4.14 Ae’lanoic Rosette. 126
Figure 4.15 Cutscene graphic of e Tome of Eternal Darkness. 127
Figure 4.16 Eternal Darkness Spell Chart #2. 128
Figure 4.17 Eternal Darkness Rune Interface. 128
Figure 4.18 Large Eternal Darkness Rune Chart. 128
Figure 4.19 Isaac Newtons Color Wheel with Musical and
Planetary Correspondences. (Image from Opticks. In
public domain due to age.) 129
Figure 4.20 Faust in His Study. (Rembrandt. In public domain due
to age.) 131
Figure 4.21 Tree of Life with Color Scales. 134
Figure 4.22 e Hand of Glory. 151
Figure 4.23 Circle of Fihs. (Image by Just plain bill, under
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0
Unported License.) 158
Figure 5.1 Ritual State Machine for Arcana. 183
Figure 5.2 Demon Proles in Arcana. 183

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