Advance Praise for Head First 2D Geometry
“Head First did it again. The ability to make the reader understand, despite tricky topics, really shines
through in Head First 2D Geometry! The way the information is presented and organized makes learning
cohesive and easy. Coming from someone who has struggled with many aspects of math in the past,
this book helps you understand the basics and build on them. I wish I had this book when I was taking
— Amanda Borcky
College student
Head First 2D Geometry is a clearly written guide to learn about two-dimensional shapes. The thorough
explanations of the material are adequate for both a first-time student and one needing a quick review.
The ‘hands on’ approach gives a richer understanding of the material than would otherwise be obtained
from a traditional textbook.”
— Ariana Anderson
Statistician at UCLAs Center for Cognitive Neuroscience
Head First 2D Geometry helps you learn that plane geometry doesn’t have to be plain geometry. This book
lets you see that geometry is not only in the classroom, it is all around you and a part of your everyday
— Herbert Tracey
Instructor of mathematical sciences at Loyola University Maryland and
former department chair of mathematics at Hereford High School
Head First 2D Geometry is clear and readable, while other textbooks drag students through a thicket of
academic jargon. Head First has interesting examples, fun design, and a conversational style that the
textbook industry would do well to emulate.”
— Dan Meyer
High school math teacher and recipient of Cable in the Classrooms
Leader in Learning award
Head First 2D Geometry grabs your attention with inventive and clever applied problems. It pursues
thorough solutions with persistence and energy. There is one character who appears throughout the
book and delights me—a serious, seemingly humorless girl who suspects the authors are trying to get
away with inconsistency and poor logic. They always praise her questions and give in to her demands
that they level with her.”
— David Meyer
Retired college and high school math teacher

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