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Megan HolsteiniPhone App Design for Entrepreneurshttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-4285-8_3

3. Idea Validation

Megan Holstein1 
Dublin, OH, USA

You need to make sure people will buy your app before building it, because you liking an idea doesn’t mean lots of people will like an idea. Even if a few others have told you the idea is brilliant, that doesn’t mean it will actually sell well.

Take, for instance, celery. Most people don’t like celery, but celery-lovers do exist. If your app idea is celery, that’s fine. Not everyone is making an app for the masses. Some apps, like bird song libraries and Spanish-Portuguese dictionaries, will just not be needed by everyone. What isn’t fine is assuming your app is cake, when your app ...

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