What's in the Videos Menu

Tap this icon for one-stop browsing of all the video material on your iPod Touch, organized by category:

  • Movies. All your full-length feature films, downloaded movie trailers, and even your own filmmaking efforts live in this menu.

  • TV Shows. When you're ready to catch up on your TV-watching, check this menu for your iTunes Store-purchased episodes and personally recorded shows.

  • Music Videos. Music video clips, many of which are now offered as bonus material on iTunes album purchases, hang out here.

  • Video Podcasts. Podcasts aren't just audio-only these days; look here for the full-blown video productions. (You see only one listing for each podcaster, along with the number of episodes you've got).

    image with no caption

A handy thumbnail photo next to each video gives you a hint as to what's in it, and you also see the total playing time of each one.

You can probably guess, at this point, how you start playing one: by tapping its name. But don't forget to rotate the Touch 90 degrees; all videos play in landscape orientation (the wide way). See Chapter 8 for more on video.

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