Chapter 3: Viewing and Navigating Images

In This Chapter

check.png Examining the Image window

check.png Changing zoom views

check.png Navigating images

check.png Seeing grids and guides

check.png Getting information from the Info panel

check.png Working with the Graphics panel

One of the most important aspects of working with images in an Editor is navigation — knowing how to move around the image (as well as between images) and how to use tools and menu commands to help.

Many tools in Elements enable you to zoom in and out of images, acquire information about your photos, and examine them in detail. In this chapter, we talk about these tools and clue you in on the best methods to use for viewing files in an Editor.

remember.eps When you open the Photo Editor, you arrive at the Expert mode. There are two other modes —Quick and Guided in the Photo Editor. ...

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