Chapter 2: Working in the Organizer

In This Chapter

check.png Working with catalogs

check.png Locating and viewing images

check.png Showing and hiding files

check.png Backing up files

Any files loaded in Elements end up in the Organizer. Furthermore, when you add files to the Organizer, you have many options for managing files, sorting them, searching for files, tagging files with keywords, examining file properties, and using a host of different project-creation opportunities.

This chapter covers the many types of viewing options you have when working in the Organizer. We devote creating albums and searching, finding, and tagging photos to Chapter 3 of this minibook.


Photo courtesy Leah Valle.

Cataloging Files

When you add files in the Organizer, they’re contained within a catalog. You can have a single catalog showing thumbnail images of your media or several catalogs that contain media organized according to the events, time frames, or other organizational criteria you want. If you have multiple users ...

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