Chapter 2: Modifying and Transforming Selections

In This Chapter

check.png Adding and subtracting from a selection

check.png Using the Select commands

check.png Moving and copying selections

check.png Transforming selections

For most people, getting the perfect, pristine selection on the first attempt is difficult. A little too much caffeine or not enough shut-eye, and that once-steady hand is no longer so. Fortunately, Elements, compassionate digital-imaging friend that it is, understands this difficulty and doesn’t make you settle for inaccurate selections. You have many ways to modify and transform selections to refine them to the point of near-perfect accuracy. You can add or remove pixels from your selection, scale the selection outline, smooth jagged edges, or switch what’s selected for what isn’t. In this chapter, we show you how to clean up and modify your selections and enable you to nail an element with precision.

If you haven’t already checked out the first chapter of Book IV and gotten a good grasp on how to create selections in the first place, you may want to start there.

When modifying selections, be sure ...

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