Chapter 3: Compositing with Photomerge

In This Chapter

check.png Combining multiple images into a single panoramic image

check.png Getting the hero shot with Group Shot

check.png Improving an image with Faces

check.png Cleaning up your images with Scene Cleaner

check.png Working with Exposure

check.png Transferring style with Style Match

Sometimes, working with just a single shot isn’t quite enough. Imagine this scenario: As much as you try, you just can’t quite squeeze that vacation scenic vista into one photo; in fact, it takes a total of three shots. Or one of your relatives is always blinking or looking the wrong way in your family reunion snapshots, so no single shot ends up being the perfect group photo. Or maybe bystanders or cars keep crossing the path of your camera when you’re trying to capture that historic landmark.

Not to worry, because the Elements Photomerge commands are designed to help you fix these types of problems. One command ...

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