Appendix A. VOCAL SIP UA Configuration File

This appendix covers the configuration file , ua.cfg. This file is stored in /usr/local/vocal/sip/ua.

This file has many comments throughout its different sections offering you tips and examples for configuring a user agent for testing VOCAL. In this section, we have elaborated on these comments and separated the different tag areas to make the file more understandable. If you use another softphone or IP phone set, use the settings suggested in the ua.cfg file to guide you through your setup.

The title of the file appears as:

# VOCAL SIP User Agent (ua) Configuration File
# Updated 05/01/2001

The configuration for each section follows the same basic line format:

tag type value

Tags and values are case-sensitive. In Version 1.3.0 of VOCAL, types are not checked.


The first area of the file that you need to change is the general identification tags:

Device_Name             string          /dev/phone0
User_Name               string          1000
Display_Name            string          Phone
Pass_Word               string          test

Specifies the device to use. If you are using a Quicknet card, use /dev/phone0. If you are using a sound card, use /dev/dsp.


Specifies the phone number or extension for this User Agent.


Specifies the name that appears in the titlebar of the panel used for this User Agent.


Specifies the password that will be used for authentication if you are using a Proxy server. This value is optional and is checked only if you are using digest authentication.

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