We have added Bugzilla, the Mozilla project’s bug-tracking tool, to http://Vovida.org. We encourage all members of the community who have checked out a copy of either VOCAL or one of the protocol stacks to enter bugs, or anything that appears to be a bug, into Bugzilla. As we continue developing our code, we often find better ways to do things and discover the root problems behind some of the long-standing bugs.

Sometimes the root cause of the bug is an open issue in the standard that is up for discussion by the SIP Working Group at the IETF. While it would be impossible to predict which of our current bugs will or will not be fixed between the time of this writing and the time you read this passage, we would like to highlight one bug and one limitation as examples of some of the issues that drive our development process. We encourage you to look through our Bugzilla archives to gain a better understanding of the state of our code. Maybe you can fix some of our bugs!

The Difficulty with Reducing the Size of the Stack

Occasionally, we see this question posted to the Vovida SIP mailing list: “Why is your stack so big?” Several people in the community are interested in running our SIP stack in either embedded or space-restrictive environments and ask us for tips about reducing the stack’s footprint. While we really haven’t done a lot of work with respect to embedding our stack, we can comment about the size of the stack in general.

The reason the SIP stack is so big is ...

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