Become the Model of Exemplary Sales Leadership


Seventy‐five countries, hundreds of companies, and three million business leaders and going. Since 1989, that's how many managers and salespeople we've had the privilege of working with, so they can transform from a directive, chief problem solver to an influential, respected leader and effective, inspiring coach.

What would be possible if you had everything in this book come alive and be a reflection of your organization? What if you, personally, could achieve all the benefits that hundreds of thousands of other managers and coaches have experienced? What if you can do this all by coaching in ten minutes or less?

Sure, you now have one, if not two (Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions) of the most tactical, relevant, and widely used sales leadership coaching books to make you the sales leader you want to be. But you can't ask a book questions, and the book can't hold you accountable, even with your best intentions.

With all the pressure in our lives, it's easy to slip back into the directive, perceived, time‐saving habits and let the coaching muscle atrophy. And trying to track the impact or consistency of coaching by making it part of your scorecard, key performance indicator, or what you're measured against based on activity isn't helping change behavior. Ultimately, this initiative will then mistakenly be branded as another short lived, flavor of the month.

We help ...

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