CHAPTER 8Seven Essential Enrollment Conversations That Create Companywide Alignment

Quick check‐in. So far, we've covered:

  1. How to define your ideal corporate culture and an assessment to prepare for this cultural evolution
  2. A proven, globally adopted and newly revised L.E.A.D.S. coaching framework and methodology used by managers in over 50 percent of the Fortune 5000 companies
  3. The L.E.A.D.S. Coaching Model in action
  4. The revised six steps to an enrollment conversation and how they complement your coaching efforts while also creating a unified team, buy‐in around change, address any topic, and stimulate positive change an innovation

Is it safe to start coaching? Yes … and no. You can use many of the strategies we've discussed immediately, including the 60‐second coaching strategy in Chapter 4. But for conscious, intentional enrollment conversations that manage the expectations around your transformation, the shift in your daily communication as a coach and how you lead the enrollment conversations are non‐negotiable. Here are all the coach tracks you need to get your people on board with coaching, and the additional changes needed to generate exponentially healthier results, fast.


“Keith, when I go back to my team tomorrow, where do I start in terms of introducing coaching as this new way of working together and how my style of management is going to change for the better?” This is always the question on every manager's mind at the end of participating ...

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