CHAPTER 2L.E.A.D.S.: Your Guiding Framework for Transformational Coaching

Before introducing the newly revised L.E.A.D.S. coaching model that will be your communication strategy for every conversation, here's an email I received from a manager who had attended my coaching course the day before.

As you read this story, notice how coaching isn't something that happens in the office, but every day, in every situation, and every conversation.

Hi Keith,

I wanted to share an interaction I experienced this morning that gave me a bit of an ah‐hah moment after attending your program this past week.

I will start off by saying, I was not in the best mood this morning. I was waiting to order a bagel at the only place that I know of in my town that makes a proper bagel. There's usually a pretty long line, and this morning was no exception. I tend to be somewhat impatient while standing in lines. My mind tends to race when I feel like I'm idling …

While standing there, hungry, impatient, and irritable, I had the feeling that someone was looking at me. I looked down to see a little girl, maybe 5 or 6 years old, peering up at my face with a warm smile. I smiled back at her briefly and returned to my racing thoughts, while checking my texts and emails. A few minutes later, she turned to her mother and started talking, which pulled my attention back to the moment.

The interaction between the daughter and her mother was as follows: The daughter said, “Mommy, that lady is really pretty.”

Her ...

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