Chapter 1

The Basics of SEO Web Design

In This Chapter

  • Deciding on your site content
  • Choosing keywords
  • Using H# tags for headings
  • Cleaning up your page code
  • Organizing your assets
  • Naming files
  • Making your site dynamic
  • Developing a design procedure

In this chapter, you discover the basics of site design with search engine optimization in mind. Building a website is like baking a cake in a lot of ways; one of the first things you have to do is gather your ingredients.

In this chapter, we first guide you to deciding on the content and the types of keywords that you want. Then we discuss H# or heading tags (HTML code used to format headings), page headings, and the importance of using clean code for your site. You find out how to organize and name all the assets on your page, including images, videos, and podcasts. After you have everything organized, you discover how to actually construct your site.

We finish off the chapter by discussing keeping your page simple and neat, creating dynamic content for your site that is still seen as relevant by the search engines, and developing a design procedure so that everyone in the web development process is on the same page.

tip We talk a lot about HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and JavaScript in the upcoming pages; however, we don't attempt to teach you to write code in this book. We strongly recommend that you learn at least the basics ...

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