Chapter 7

Generating Interest with Visual Content on Twitter

In This Chapter

arrow An overview of the images needed for your Twitter account

arrow Optimizing the visual appeal of your Twitter account

arrow Attracting engagement with photos and videos in status updates

Twitter continues to be one of the most popular and important social networks, and visual content is an important part of your Twitter marketing strategy. Over the past few years, Twitter has made a number of changes to increase the prominence of both images and videos on the site. Images are now prominently displayed in Twitter profiles, and they can be viewed directly in the Twitter stream. In addition, Twitter launched the video social network Vine (which I cover in detail in Chapter 16). All these actions show that Twitter considers visual content to be important to driving engagement.

Visual content plays two different roles on Twitter. First, Twitter profiles are highly visually oriented, and optimizing your profile visually on Twitter can impact your success on the site. Second, images and videos are quite popular on Twitter. One study by Buffer (see shows that images ...

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