A Metaheuristic Optimization Algorithm for Binary Quadratic Problems

Otto Nissfolk and Tapio Westerlund,    Center of Excellence in Optimization and Systems Engineering, Åbo Akademi University, Biskopsgatan 8, 20500 Åbo, Finland, Otto.Nissfolk@abo.fiTapio.Westerlund@abo.fi


This paper focuses on the formulation and solution of binary quadratic problems. A new metaheuristic approach is presented in order to acquire good solutions. Computational results show that the heuristic solver finds good solutions quite fast. One of the test problems is tai256c, a gray-scale pattern problem by Taillard (1995) found in the QAPLIB (Burkard et al. (1997), http://www.seas.upenn.edu/qaplib/inst.html). The tai256c problem has been written in a quadratic ...

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