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Best App for Safari Haters

Best App for Safari Haters

Version: 1.2 | Ingenious Creations

This app might not quite live up to its name (an option to import existing Safari bookmarks feels like a big miss), but for power surfers frustrated by the iPad’s built-in browser, this guy’s worth a try. For starters, if you’re peeved by sites that dish up their mobile selves, tap the gear icon and switch to “Safari Mac” (via the Desktop Web Rendering option). Now you’ll see, for example, Gmail as it was meant to appear on a big display. Tabbed browsing is likely to be the main draw for most comers. Now you can tap and hold links and then launch them in new tabs, easily accessible at the top of the screen. If the Web’s where you do most of your iPadding, that trick alone might be a clincher.

Perfect Web Browser

BROWSE BETTER: Tap the upper-right blue arrow box to enter fullscreen mode and reclaim the top 1/2 inch or so that Safari devotes to the address bar. In-page search lets you look for a word or phrase on a page. And scroll noticeably faster (compared to flicking) by using the right-side scrollbar.

TAP TIPS: Swipe left or right with two fingers to switch between open tabs. Three-finger swipes keep you on the same tab but act like the back (left swipe) or forward (right swipe) buttons. Bonus tip: tap the chunky green plus button to save an offline copy of any page. Nice.

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