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Best App for Dieting and Weight Loss

Best App for Dieting and Weight Loss

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Ahh, the American Dream: buy a house, have 1.7 kids, lose the bellyroll bear hugging your tummy. MyNetDiary won’t supply willpower, but it’ll lead the way, especially for those committed to good eating, decent exercise, and honest data entry. The service’s core is a food- and activity-tracking journal that changes on-the-fly to track progress towards preset goals (lose 10 pounds in two months, say). A huge database of 100,000 food items makes one big dieting challenge—how many calories did that Cobb Salad have?—a snap. Fully synced web-based and smartphone versions (available with premium extras like data exporting) provide a full-frontal assault in the weight loss war.

MyNetDiary HD

FOOD FORECAST: Log meals for any day in the future. At first this sounds like a system for wishful thinking, but it makes sense: you can map out an eating and exercise plan that helps you keep on target. Got big Friday night plans? Chart those buffalo wings and offset the difference with an extra 30 minutes at the gym.

SHORT CUTS: When entering amounts, you pick between common units (ounces, grams) or servings (great for salad bar regulars). Speaking of, simply entering a phrase like salad whole triggers the appearance ...

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