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Best App for Finding Cheap Airfares

Best App for Finding Cheap Airfares

Free Version: 15.2.1 | Kayak Software

By now, everyone’s used to hitting the Web when it comes to flight planning. So a fare-finding app needs to somehow improve upon your average browser-based trawl. Kayak’s app glides ahead of the pack with a better-than-browsing user interface and a handful of great planning and cheap-o friendly tools. In case you’re not familiar, the firm built its loyal following by wide-scoping most other big travel ticket sites (they do hotels, cars, and so on, too). Most useful are the parameter-tweaking tools; invoke ’em with a satisfying set of finger swipes: here, not there, then, not later. Much faster than mouse, click, and reload.

DESTINATION ANYWHERE: Round-trip and one-way searches work just as you’d expect: enter destination and dates. Build a multicity trip and watch the flight pin-and-path its way across the map in the lower-left corner. Flesh out your findings with transportation and lodging by using the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

POPULAR PICKS: Scroll through the Hot Searches list to see other recent finds from fellow Kayakers who’ve searched from your home airport. (Change this setting by tapping the left-side From label and then entering a new departure airport.) If you like their itinerary but need different dates, tap the listing and change the left-side column’s ...

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