Best App for Grill-Side Guidance

Best App for Grill-Side Guidance

$4.99 Version: 1.0 | Weber-Stephen Products

Pay for a recipe app from a grill manufacturer? What’s next—a monthly shopping fee from your fridge? But wait a sec before shutting the lid on this virtual grilling companion. It’s a beautifully designed, nicely cooked app, loaded with recipes, easy to navigate, and brimming with the kind of in-app tools (portable grocery lists, embedded timers) that justify the developer’s choice to go app rather than ebook. Add in the iPad’s ample screen size (and a suitable holder or stand) and this guide will help you shine no matter what logo’s on the side of your grill.

Weber’s on the Grill for iPad

GOOD TIMING: Saved Timers let you store a custom timer for, say, 1 1/2″ thick filet mignon. Each canned setting comes with its own cooking tips (when to shift from direct to indirect heat, for example). These and other built-in timers make it easy to keep track of your food’s progress. Set these clocks and a countdown tracker appears top of screen.

NIFTY NOTES: Another great idea: easy-to-access “make a note” icons, so you can jot down tips that inevitably occur when cooking in the field (“Water down Edna’s gin fizz before she slices the mango.”)

LIST MASTER: The app’s stocked with user-friendly touches: the emailed recipes ...

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