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Best App for Organizing What Inspires You

Best App for Organizing What Inspires You

Free lite version | $6.99 Version: 1.3.1 | A Tiny Tribe

Explaining what you can do with this app is a little easier than tackling why or how you’d use it. You can: import your photos and lightly edit, rotate, resize, and frame ’em; cruise the Web in a special-powered browser that lets you clip and paste any image, portion of a page, whatever; compose notes and headline-y quips; and arrange all those items wherever you like onscreen by dragging and using Photoshop-style “layers” to stack objects one atop the other. Meant for designer types in search of inspiration, the app could easily prove useful to scrapbookers, photo collage fans, event planners—the list is pretty endless.

WEB CLIPPINGS: Spot something online that’s lineup-worthy for the board you’re creating? Hop in the custom web browser, tap the “Crop and Save” button, and finger-adjust the marquee around the item you want to corral.

TOP TO BOTTOM: The layers palette is where you designate the stacking order of overlapping items. Tap and drag the right-side bar grips to bump an object up or down the stack; tap to close the left-hand lock if you want to fix an item on the canvas and prevent it from accidental moves.


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