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Best App for Reading Comics

Best App for Reading Comics

Free Version: 1.6.2 | Iconology

Comic book fans welcomed the iPad’s arrival: finally, a portable gadget large enough to show off their favorite titles. Their parents and spouses celebrated, too: finally, an end to those shelf-hogging collections. Comixology’s maker, Iconology, is the programming outfit behind most of the App Store’s leading comics apps. This app offers the same service: a storefront from which to buy and a reader to get down to business. A decent assortment of free titles makes sampling easy. Plus, its neutral catalog reaches, if not quite as deep as some of its competitors, then about as wide as you’ll find.


EASY READING: Guided View lets you quickly pan and zoom in sequence through each page’s panels. While the technique is mainly designed for iPhone owners who want to read full-sized comics, it offers a nice focused reading experience on the iPad (which, at about 10 inches, is still smaller than the 12 inches occupied by most print comics).

WANDERING EYES: Like Comixology, but wish its selection of, say, DC or Marvel comics were a bit larger? Check out the apps from both those publishers; they’re powered by the same code under this app’s hood, so everything’s pretty similar—you just get a different catalog of buying ...

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