Make a Feedback Search Tool

Quickly find a specific feedback comment or list a specific type of comment in a person’s profile.

eBay provides no searching or sorting tools on the Member Profile page, a fact that makes finding specific feedback [Hack #1] a rather clumsy process.

Fortunately, you can use a few API calls to make searching a member’s feedback profile an almost trivial excercise.

Start with the script from “Negative Feedback Notification” [Hack #121] , and just after line , replace this:

   UserId => $user_id,

with this:

   UserId => $ARGV[0],

Next, replace the code between line and line with this code:

 if ((("\L$ARGV[1]" eq "item") && ($item eq $ARGV[2])) || (("\L$ARGV[1]" eq
"type") && ("\$type" eq "\L$ARGV[2]")) {
  print "-- $item-$type from $from\n";
  print "\"$text\"\n";

When you’re done, save this script as

To find feedback pertaining to a particular item number, type:

      user item 5958951586

Or, to find all feedback of a certain type, say “negative,” type: user type negative

where, in both cases, user is the eBay member ID of the person whose feedback you’re searching.

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