Abstract classes, in modules, 338

Abstract Factory pattern, 389

Abstraction, Dependency Inversion Principle and, 123

Access management, identity and, 9192

ACID databases, 521

ACL. See Anticorruption Layer (ACL)

Active Record, in Transaction Scripts, 441

ActiveMQ, as messaging middleware, 303

Actor Model, 295

Adapters. See also Hexagonal Architecture

Domain Services use for integration, 280

handling client output types, 529530

Hexagonal Architecture and, 126127

Presentation Model as, 519

for REST client implementation, 465466

Aggregate Root query interface, 516

Aggregate Stores

distributed caches of Data Fabrics as, 164

persistence-oriented repositories and, 418

Aggregate-Oriented Databases, 418

Aggregates. See also A+ES (Aggregates ...

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