genisoimage [options] [-o filename] pathspec...

Generate an ISO9660/Joliet/HFS hybrid filesystem for writing a CD with a program such as wodim. (HFS is the native Macintosh Hierarchical File System.) genisoimage takes a snapshot of a directory tree and generates a binary image that corresponds to an ISO9660 or HFS filesystem when it is written to a block device. Each specified pathspec describes the path of a directory tree to be copied into the ISO9660 filesystem; if multiple paths are specified, the files in all the paths are merged to form the image.


-abstract file

Specify the abstract filename. Overrides an ABST=file entry in .genisoimagerc.

-allow-leading-dots, -idots

Allow ISO9660 filenames to start with a period instead of replacing it with an underscore. Violates the ISO9660 standard.


Allow ISO9660 filenames to be lowercase. Violates the ISO9660 standard.


Allow more than one dot in ISO9660 filenames. Violates the ISO9660 standard.

-A id, -appid id

Specify a text string id that describes the application to be written into the volume header.

-b image

Specify the path and filename of the boot image to be used for making a bootable CD based on the El Torito specification.

-biblio file

Specify bibliographic filename. Overrides a BIBL=file entry in .genisoimagerc.


Specify that a 56-byte table with information on the CD layout is to be patched in at offset 8 of the boot file. If specified, the table is patched into ...

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