wodim [options] track1,track2...

Record data or audio CD or DVD media. This program normally requires root access to the device file; run as root or install suid-root. It has a large number of options and settings; see the manpage for a complete list as well as a number of useful examples.

General options

General option flags go directly after the wodim command and before any track options or arguments. The general options are:


Display the ATIP (Absolute Time In Pregroove) information for a disc. Not all drives allow you to read this information.


Erase data from a CD-RW in one of the following ways:


Erase all information on the disc. May take a long time.


Perform a quick erase of the disc, erasing only the PMA, TOC, and pregap.


Display a possible list of blanking methods.


Blank the last session.


Blank a track.


Blank the tail of a track only.


Unclose the last session.


Unreserve a track previously marked as reserved.


Check to see if there are valid drivers for the current drive. Returns 0 if the drive is valid.

-d, debug=n

Set the debug level to an integer (greater numbers are more verbose), or use multiple -d flags as with the -v and -V flags.

-dao, -sao

Disk-at-once (session-at-once) mode. Works only with MMC drives that support nonraw session-at-once modes.


Set the SCSI target for the CD/DVD recorder. May be specified as a device name or as three comma-separated integers representing bus, target, and ...

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