gpm [options]

System administration command. Provide a mouse server and cut-and-paste utility for use on the Linux console. gpm acts like a daemon, responding to both mouse events and client input. If no clients are connected to the active console, gpm provides cut-and-paste services.



Force two buttons. If there is a middle button, it is treated as the right button.


Force three buttons. With a three-button mouse, the left button makes a selection, the right button extends the selection, and the middle button pastes it. Using this option with a two-button mouse results in being unable to paste.

-a accel

Set the acceleration for a single motion longer than the delta specified with the -d option.

-A [limit]

Start up with pasting disabled for security. If specified, limit gives the time in seconds during which a selection can be pasted. If too much time has passed, the paste is not allowed.

-b baud

Specify the baud rate.

-B seq

Set a three-digit button sequence, mapping the left, middle, and right buttons to buttons 1, 2, and 3. The default is 123. The sequence 321 is useful if you are left-handed, or 132 for a two-button mouse.

-d delta

Set the delta value for use with -a. When a mouse motion event is longer than the specified delta, use accel as a multiplier. delta must be 2 or greater.


Debugging mode. When set, gpm does not put itself into the background, and it logs messages to standard error instead of syslog.

-g num

For a glidepoint device, specify the button to be ...

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