Appendix A. The Organizer, Menu by Menu

This appendix gives you a quick tour of the main menus in the Organizer—the ones listed at the top of the screen. The Organizer has two main windows: Photo Browser and Date View. Both offer the same menu choices—everything listed here is available in either window. There are keyboard shortcuts and buttons in the Organizer windows that give you access to many of these menu items. When there’s more than one method, both are mentioned in the text.

In addition to the main menus discussed here, the Organizer is chock-full of shortcut (also called contextual) menus. That means you can right-click almost anywhere in the Organizer, and you’ll get a menu with several options specific to the object you clicked. Right-click a tag (Working with tags and categories), for instance, and you get a menu that includes choices for editing the tag or changing it to a category.


If you also have Premiere Elements or Photoshop installed, you’ll see a few additional menu choices not listed here.

System Menu

The Photoshop Elements icon (a silver camera in a blue circle) at the far left of the menu bar is actually a button. Click it for the System menu, where you can minimize, maximize, move, resize, or close the Organizer. (You also have the standard Windows window buttons on the right side of the Organizer.)

Welcome Menu

Click the little blue house to the right of the System menu to bring up the Elements Welcome window that you see when the program first launches. ...

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