Chapter 15. Creating Projects

If you’re into making scrapbooks, greeting cards, and other photo concoctions, Elements is perfect for you. You can dress up your pictures in all sorts of creative ways without using—or buying—any other software. Elements is crammed with add-on graphics, frames, and other special effects; you can even create multipage documents.

This chapter kicks off with an in-depth look at how to create a Photo Collage. Once you’ve got those steps under your belt, all the other projects (summarized starting on Photo Books) use the same basic method. You’ll also learn how to create photo books and calendars using Kodak EasyShare, Adobe’s online photo-printing partner.


You can also create Online Galleries (photo-filled Web pages) and slideshows in Elements. Learn all about those projects in Chapter 17 and Chapter 18.

Photo Collages

The new Create tab (in both the Editor and the Organizer) helps you create fancy pages featuring your photos, which you can then share either by printing or as digital files. Although Elements gives you lots of preset layouts to start from, you can customize every aspect of these layouts to create projects that are totally your own.


If you’ve used Elements 5, you may realize that Photo Collage is just a new name for what you knew as Photo Layouts, and there’s now a slightly more streamlined workflow for creating the photo pages.

A Photo Collage is a page displaying one or more of your photos, with or without a themed background. (Flip ahead ...

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