NetBackup deduplication, to standard Media
Server, 97
NetBackup DR, 242
NetBackup environment, backup failures in, 222
NetBackup environments, data flow within, 33–35
NetBackup Master Servers
configuration of server with a single target,
generic configurations for, 144
management services provided by, 29–32
reasons to avoid creating additional, 145
responsibilities within the backup domain,
with a single Media Server, 144–145
with multiple Media Servers, 151–166
NetBackup Media Server
combined client/target, 100
using with PureDisk Storage Pool, 102
NetBackup Media Server with Deduplication,
implementing target-based
deduplication with, 98
NetBackup Media Servers, isolation of
deduplication to, 98
NetBackup PureDisk Option
connecting NetBackup Media Server to
PureDisk Storage Pool via, 103
implementing target-based deduplication
with, 98
NetBackup Storage Domain
tuning and configuration parameters used
by, 139–143
NetBackup Vault. See Vault/bpduplicate
network attached storage (NAS)
reintroducing, 63
storage provided over a LAN, 59–65
Network File Service (NFS) protocol, 121
advantages and limitations vs. CIFS, 60
domain of UNIX and LINUX operating
systems, 60
used to present NAS storage to clients, 59
using soft mount states with, 60
vs. CIFS, 60
Network File Service (NFS) storage, 61
network interface teaming, 154–155
network interfaces
1 Gigabit Ethernet as most common, 129
caveats to adding additional, 129
effect of adding additional, 155
network latency, as effect of network distance, 166
network performance, monitoring, 256
network performance counters, most
important information to gather, 253
network resources
consumed during backups, 125–136
effect of two interface team on utilization,
idealized network utilization curve, 153
network effects of concentrated backup
starts, 152
overutilization of, 125
proper utilization of, 126
use of by backups, 152
network saturation, resolving, 125–136
network utilization
data that affects performance backups, 254
of backup servers, 253
networks, dealing with long distance, 136
NFSv4, stateful approach to client/server
relationship, 60
no loss restore, in CommVault, 197
nondeduplicated storage requirements vs.
deduplicated storage requirements,
nonshared use case, 80
normal file systems, backing up, 170–174
offline archive, example of, 10
OLTP (online transaction processing), 15
one-pass restore method, in CommVault, 197
online transaction processing (OLTP), 15
open systems operating systems, software layer
utilized by, 56
OpenStorage API (OST), by Symantic, 85
Oracle, 187–192
configuration files, 187
control files, 187
RMAN backups, 188–192
tablespace, 187
terminology, 187–188
transaction logs, 187
types of backup logs, 178

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