Real World Digital Photography, 2nd edition

Book description

Whether you're just making the transition from a lifetime of traditional photography or are looking to bring your digital photography skills in line with today's market, if you're serious about digital photography, you need this book. In the four years since the first edition was published, just about every aspect of digital photography has changed (often radically--and it's all covered in these pages. Organized in four major sections--Digital Processing Essentials, Digital Processing Techniques, The Digital Darkroom, and Output and Presentation--the focus here is on getting great pictures and spectacular printed output through a combination of smart techniques and the right equipment. As with all of the titles in the Real World series, the authors here realize that this entails learning not just techniques but the concepts behind them. For a professional-level understanding of the digital photography process--from how a digital camera works to advice on buying cameras and accessories, choosing hardware and software, downloading and outputting images, and more--this is the place to turn.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Digital Photography Essentials
    1. Why Digital?
      1. The Excitement of Digital Photography
      2. It's Not All Daffodils
      3. Your Love of Photography
    2. Nuts and Bolts of Digital Imaging
      1. Resolution = Information
      2. Bit Depth
      3. Color Modes
      4. File Formats
      5. Understanding the Concepts
    3. How a Digital Camera Works
      1. Lens to Imaging Sensor to Media
      2. The Lens
      3. The Viewfinder And Lcd
      4. The Shutter
      5. The Imaging Sensor
      6. Storing the Image
      7. Flash
      8. The Informed Photographer
    4. Buying a Digital Camera
      1. Types of Digital Cameras
      2. How to Decide
      3. How to Shop
      4. Making a Final Decision
    5. Essential Accessories
      1. Your Camera Bag
      2. The Camera Manual
      3. More Batteries
      4. More Storage
      5. The Importance of a Tripod
      6. More Light
      7. Lenses
      8. Essential Filters
      9. Dealing with Dust
      10. Odds and Ends
      11. What's in Your Photo Studio?
  3. Digital Photography Techniques
    1. Digital Photography Foundations
      1. Setting Up Your Digital Camera
      2. Exposure Modes
      3. Metadata
      4. Taking the Image
      5. How Digital Photography Differs from Film Photography
      6. Digital Photography is Photography
    2. Seeing the Light
      1. Measuring the Light
      2. Exposure Compensation
      3. Evaluating Exposure: Using the Histogram
      4. White Balance
      5. Evaluating Image Quality on the Lcd Screen
  4. The Digital Darkroom
    1. Building a Digital Darkroom
      1. The Darkroom
      2. The Computer
      3. Backup
      4. Printers
      5. Essential Accessories
      6. Software
      7. Ready for Images
    2. Download, Edit, and Convert
      1. Download
      2. Edit
      3. Converting Raw Files
      4. On to Optimization
    3. Essential Image Enhancement
      1. Photoshop Preferences
      2. Color Settings
      3. Developing an Image-Editing Strategy
      4. Global Tonal Correction
      5. Basic Color Correction
      6. Basic Image Clean-Up
      7. Digital Darkroom Flexibility
    4. Digital Darkroom Expert Techniques
      1. Sharpening
      2. Improving the Light
      3. Converting Color to Black and White
      4. Toning and Tinting Techniques
      5. Merging Images
      6. Improving Image Structure
      7. Working with High-Bit Files
      8. Creating Better Images
  5. Output, Manage, and Present
    1. From Capture to Monitor to Print
      1. The Importance of Color Management
      2. Understanding Limitations
      3. Profiles
      4. Digital Camera Profiling
      5. Monitor Profiling
      6. Printer Profiling
      7. Preparing to Print
      8. Printing via Photoshop
      9. Outside Printing
      10. The Perfect Print
    2. The Digital Portfolio
      1. Presenting Photos Online
      2. Protecting Photos Online
      3. Digital Slide Shows
      4. Print Packages
      5. The Benefits of Sharing
    3. Archive, Catalog, and Backup
      1. Master Images
      2. Digital Asset Management
      3. Protecting Your Images
      4. Backup
      5. Back to Photography
  6. Index

Product information

  • Title: Real World Digital Photography, 2nd edition
  • Author(s): Katrin Eismann, Seán Duggan, Tim Grey
  • Release date: November 2003
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 9780321223722