Working in Composition Mode

Writing in Composition mode works just like in Editor mode, except that wherever you’re typing is always at or above the center of the page by default. Called typewriter scrolling, this feature keeps you from always having to work at the bottom of the screen when typing.

When you’re editing, typewriter scrolling can be disorienting because you can click a spot at the bottom of the screen to insert or edit text, and suddenly you’re working in the middle of the screen.

Figure 7-3: A background image in Composition mode.


Personally, I think after you get used to it, you’ll wish your word processor had typewriter scrolling.

However, if you don’t like it, here are two options for turning it off (or back on) that you can use while in Composition mode:

check.png Choose Format⇒Options⇒Typewriter Scrolling.

check.png Use the shortcut Ctrl++T (Windows+Ctrl+T for Windows).

remember.eps Typewriter scrolling is on by default in Composition mode and off by default in the regular Editor. You can turn typewriter scrolling on or off while in the regular Editor, as well.

What if you’re typing along ...

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