Chapter 6. Solving SEO Roadblocks

In This Chapter

  • Ensuring that search engines see your site

  • Creating effective site maps

  • Avoiding page hijacking from 302 redirects

  • Handling SEO problems connected with secure sites

You know the part of an instruction manual that's just labeled "Troubleshooting"? It's sort of a catchall for problems you might have that don't fit anywhere else in the manual, with tips for what you can do about them. This chapter is sort of like that troubleshooting section — a place for us to address miscellaneous problems you might run into and give some advice on how to resolve them.

You should look at your search engine optimization (SEO) project as an ongoing process. It's not a journey with a fixed end point. There's no "destination" that you can reach and then hang up your keyboard and mouse and declare, "Ahh...we've made it!" Even if you reach the number one spot on the search results, you can't relax; you must continually monitor and fine-tune your site to stay ahead of the competition.

Occasionally, you will hit roadblocks to your SEO progress. These shouldn't be confused with the time lag that normally occurs before results become apparent. Usually it takes an SEO project three to six months to see a Web site rise considerably in ranking and traffic, after you put the initial site optimization in place. Of course, results are always based on the keywords and condition of your site when the project starts. Your mileage is going to vary based on the competition. ...

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