Keeping a Blue Sky

How to show off a beautiful blue sky when you have it.


  • Camera + Trigger
  • Lens of any focal length that’ll let you see the sky in your shot
  • Off-camera flash
  • Light modifier (such as a 2x3 softbox)
  • Light stand
  • ND filter (optional)
  • Half CTO gel (optional)


While natural light produces some beautiful imagery, it can often result in a blown-out white sky on a beautifully blue-sky kind of day. Depending on your style, you might like one over the other. Personally, I’m a big fan of complimentary colors, so when I saw this beautiful yellow dress in the example image, I just had to put it up against the bright blue sky we were under (Figure 14.1).

To avoid making an image like this look “flashy,” ...

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