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The Strategy Book, 2nd Edition

Book Description

The Strategy Book answers the following questions:
·    What do we know about strategy?
·    What can strategy do for you?
·    How can you effectively use strategy tools?
·    How can you engage people with strategy?
·    How do you avoid pitfalls, problems and screw-ups?
Using the science of strategy, The Strategy Book will help you tackle the really important challenges you face both in developing strategies and putting them into action. Its aim is to give you best ideas wrapped up in a usable, enjoyable package.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title page
  3. Contents
  4. About the author
  5. First words
  6. Introduction
  7. What is strategy?
  8. Part 1 Your strategic self
    1. Shaping the future
    2. Thinking before you plan
    3. Becoming a strategic thinker
    4. Selling your strategy
  9. Part 2 Thinking like a strategist
    1. Reacting is as important as planning
    2. Taking risks (jump your uncertainty gaps)
    3. Looking over your shoulder
    4. Knowing where the grass (really) is greener
  10. Part 3 Creating your strategy
    1. Seeing the big picture?
    2. Finding position, intention and direction
    3. Looking for advantages
    4. Making strategic decisions and choices
    5. Adapting to your competitive environment
  11. Part 4 Winning with strategy
    1. Winning strategy games
    2. Creating new markets
    3. Getting ahead of your strategic group
    4. Growing your business (again and again)
    5. Going global without going broke
    6. Knowing what you can do best
  12. Part 5 Making your strategy work
    1. Managing your strategy process
    2. Meetings for strategic minds
    3. Managing change, making strategy work
    4. Understanding what can go wrong
    5. Saving your company from failure
  13. Part 6 The Strategy Book toolkit
    1. The basic (powerful) strategy questions
    2. SWOT analysis
    3. Porter’s 5 forces of competition
    4. Porter’s generic strategies
    5. Burgelman’s strategy dynamics model
    6. Porter’s value chain and value system
    7. Core competencies and resource-based view
    8. Nonaka and Takeuchi’s knowledge spiral
    9. Peters, Athos and Waterman’s 7-S framework
    10. Scenario planning
    11. Ansoff’s growth grid
    12. The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) growth share matrix
    13. Kim and Mauborgne’s four actions
    14. Greiner’s growth (and crisis) model
    15. De Wit and Meyer’s strategy tensions
    16. Cummings and Wilson: orientation and animation
    17. Lewin’s force field analysis
    18. Kotter’s eight phases of change
    19. Kaplan and Norton’s balanced scorecard
    20. Hrebiniak’s model of strategy execution
    21. Hammer and Champy’s business process redesign
    22. Michaud and Thoenig’s strategic orientation
    23. Burgelman and Grove’s strategy bet model
    24. Argyris’s double and single loop learning
    25. Mintzberg’s deliberate and emergent strategy
    26. Johnson’s white space model
    27. Prahalad and Hart’s bottom of the pyramid
    28. Stacey’s strategy from complexity
    29. Hart’s sustainability value framework
    30. House of strategy
    31. Innovation + strategy = adaptability
  14. Final words
  15. Further reading
  16. What did you think of this book?
  17. Acknowledgements
  18. Publisher’s acknowledgements
  19. Index
  20. Endorsements
  21. Advertisement
  22. Imprint page