Chapter 3. Running Mobile Communication Campaigns

In This Chapter

  • Setting up mobile communication user flows

  • Interacting with users through quizzes, surveys, and polls

  • Giving users incentives

  • Encouraging user-generated content

The first mandate of marketing is to communicate — and oh, boy, can you communicate with mobile marketing. You can use mobile marketing to generate consumer responses to your queries, disseminate information, collect information, entertain your audience, and conduct commerce.

In this chapter, I focus on showing you how to set up and run interactive communications via text messaging — including promotion services, quizzes, polls, and surveys — as well as the various ways you can get consumers into the game by generating and sharing their own content.

In the following pages, you discover how to create program user flows, documenting all the steps of communication between your company and the mobile subscriber so that you can significantly enhance your marketing programs. You find out about the common elements of mobile marketing communication programs (such as opt-in/opt-out management and error/response messaging) and about the unique elements of common mobile marketing communication programs (such as trivia games, polls, and surveys).

When you're done with this chapter, you'll have a clear, concise picture of exactly what it takes to run a mobile marketing communication program.

Planning Your Communication Flow

Launching a mobile communication campaign takes more planning ...

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