Formalizing a customer-driven word-of-mouth network that acts as a credible way to build the business via content creation, conversation, and commendations (referrals) is the kind of long-term thinking that has the potential to deliver consistent, sustainable results. By operationalizing and scaling a process that gives customers a suite of tools to use to share their passion, personal experiences and purchase advice with others, companies put themselves in a position to boost both their top-line revenues and bottom-line profits from the inside out. By maintaining a vigilant obsession with compliance and transparency, brands can partner with their customers—without overstepping their boundaries, compromising integrity, and muddying the drinking waters of disclosure.
It’s a technique that sends out a series of compelling messages to the marketplace:
• We acknowledge the role our customers play in growing our business.
• We don’t take this or them for granted.
• We’re prepared to share our wealth with those customers who continue to support us above and beyond their initial purchase and with their continued loyalty.
• We’re equally prepared to spread this wealth to new customers.
The end result is a transformative program that—using universal currency, community, and empowerment—rewards and recognizes everything good (positive), bad (indifferent), or even ugly (negative) that our customers do for the brand.
Yes, you heard me right; content is content, ...

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