Chapter 16

Ten Common Gamification Marketing Mistakes


check Ensuring that the gamification element remains engaging

check Developing a campaign that rewards both you and your audience

check Interacting with your audience, especially when things have gone south

check Designing for all devices and platforms

Gamification marketing campaigns can be extremely rewarding for both your audience and your company. However, that also means there is a lot of room to get things wrong. When they do go wrong, your campaign can completely fail to engage.

Every campaign makes mistakes. Over the years, I’ve seen and experienced my share of gamification marketing mistakes. As with any mistake, it’s important to learn from your errors and prevent them from happening again.

In this chapter, I share some of the top gamification marketing mistakes that I’ve seen in the hopes that they’ll help you correct the things you may be doing wrong.

Offering an Unengaging User Experience

Your gamification marketing campaign should aim to offer a legendary user experience. User experience is defined by your audience’s interactions ...

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