52Insisting a Direct Report Improve Their Appearance


There's no second chance to make a first impression. Even when a business may have a good track record, prospective clients are still greatly influenced by the “what you see is what you get” attitude. A staff that projects a professional appearance can only help build client confidence. A direct report who doesn't reinforce a “dressed for success” image can only hurt your chances of securing and maintaining clients. The goal of this script is to help you bring any sartorially challenged members of your staff to the high standard of appearance required as a norm in the world of business. Errant individuals will try to make this an issue of personal taste since it's really the only argument they can muster. If you're dealing with staff members of the opposite sex, they may even try to lead you into the minefield of gender harassment. That's why you should consider having a fellow supervisor of the same gender as the offender present in your office when you deal with an opposite gender subordinate. This reinforces the professional tone of your position, safeguards potential future misreporting of events or comments, and serves as a role model for proper dress. Though not absolutely necessary, refer to any print materials distributed previously to employees regarding dress. Don't waiver from your responsibility for maintaining the highest professional standards in the workplace. All possible arguments to justify personal ...

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