Chapter 7

Recording MIDI


check Setting up Logic Pro to record MIDI

check Recording external instrument and software instrument tracks

check Using musical typing and onscreen keyboards to record MIDI

check Overdubbing and recording multiple MIDI tracks

Logic Pro was created as a powerful MIDI sequencer. MIDI is the ultimate flexible recording medium, enabling you to change what you record until it’s perfect. It does have limitations, but it’s unlikely that you’ll notice them.

In this chapter, you find out how to record MIDI, filter MIDI events, multitrack MIDI recording, use musical typing, and much more.

Preparing to Record MIDI

MIDI is just data. MIDI is similar to sheet music in that it tells the performer precisely what to play and how to play it. Audio is not included in a MIDI region or a MIDI message. What you hear when a MIDI track plays is either the software instrument connected to the track or the audio output from your external instruments. To begin recording MIDI, you’ll need to create either an external MIDI track or a software instrument track. Each type of track is explained ...

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