Chapter 9

Making Beats with Drum and Percussion Software Instruments


check Creating beats with your virtual drummer

check Producing acoustic and electronic drum sounds

check Designing grooves with Ultrabeat

check Sequencing drum patterns

Did your drummer get lost on the way to the studio? Don’t you just hate it when that happens? Oh, you have Logic Pro X? Never mind.

Listen, I love playing with a live drummer. Some of my best musical partnerships have been with amazing drummers. But I love how Logic Pro gives me a virtual live drummer to inspire me and help turn my rhythmic ideas into reality.

In this chapter, you discover how to use Drummer, Ultrabeat, and Drum Machine Designer. You create beats, build custom drum kits, and use a pattern sequencer. Logic Pro’s drum and percussion software instruments are amazing songwriting and music producing tools. But whatever you do, don’t beat on your computer. It only sounds like a drum — it’s not built like one.

Playing with Your Virtual Drummer

Drummer is your virtual session player. Drummer is a combination of a new track type and new software ...

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