Chapter 20

Bouncing and Sharing Your Music


check Bouncing full mixes to final audio files

check Backing up and archiving your projects

check Creating alternate mixes and music stems

check Sharing your music

I think all Logic Pro users anticipate the moment when they can turn their full mix into a format that they can share with the world. Seeing a project through to the end takes patience and persistence, and you go through so many emotions during the process that the project ends up holding a lot of personal value. Rendering your full mix to a single audio file (called bouncing) is an exciting moment because you make your song real and ready for the world.

You have many reasons to want to bounce your project as soon as possible. You can deliver it to a DJ. You can test it in your car. You can put it on your website. And you can celebrate your creation. In this chapter, you render the final audio file and share it with me so I can help you celebrate being a music producer.

Bouncing Your Project

You usually end up bouncing several times during the course of a project. You might want to ...

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