Chapter 12

Conducting a Virtual Orchestra


check Creating an orchestral template

check Loading and playing orchestral patches

check Defining a productive composing workflow with screensets

check Playing samples with expression and articulation

Imagine standing in front of a full fifty-piece orchestra, conducting your own score. The music builds, section by section, into a glorious peak. You pull the intensity down gracefully and a lone trumpet plays a short, plaintive motif over a bed of lush strings. A tear falls in the audience. And then silence, before a slow roar of applause overtakes the concert hall. Flowers are thrown and the crowd begins chanting, “Encore!”

You may have to imagine the applause and chanting. But Logic Pro will provide the orchestra.

Orchestral instruments will never go out of style. An orchestra is Hollywood’s best friend. Plus, Logic Pro shines at film scoring. You learn how to import video in Chapter 8. In this chapter, you discover how to set up an orchestra and score your own soundtrack.

A video isn’t required to compose with an orchestra. But if you’d like to ...

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